Retail Fireworks

We import and wholesale our own exclusive retail fireworks designs. 100% created by our team, specifically for the New Zealand market. Our fireworks have some of the biggest, loudest and most impressive effects you can get.


Firework Displays

We offer stunning firework displays for weddings, private functions, product launches, sporting events and public displays. Pyro Company offers a full design and choreography service, as well as our cutting edge display packages. 


Pyrotechnic Services

If you are involved in the pyrotechnic industry, we have the experience and resources to help you stay safe and profitable. Contact us for a no obligations quote to handle, manage, assist or advise you with your plans.



Pyro Company Fireworks are here to satisfy any and all of your Pyro cravings!

From the best Retail Fireworks, to epic Fireworks Displays at your event and Special Pyrotechnic Effects, we can, do and will do it all.

We are a dedicated and professional team committed to providing you with the most spectacular Pyro products and services.

Why?  Because this is what we LOVE to do. In fact, this is ALL we do. Day in, day out we live and breathe Pyrotechnics and we’ve been doing it for over 25 years.

Yeah, we totally chose to get better work stories!

Consumer Fireworks

Pyro is our passion and we have spent 25 years learning how to be the best. That means the loudest, the biggest and the brightest.

Our exclusive range is designed by us, built by an expert that we have a 15 year relationship with, imported by us, stored by us, and sold to you, by us.

You can be assured that Pyro Company Fireworks will impress your mates, make your neighbours jealous and make you the coolest parents there ever were!

Look for our retail stores on the map below to see where you can get your Pyro Company Fireworks this season.

Firework Displays

Find the package that’s right for you or make contact with us so that we can create a package that suits your event perfectly.

If you need your fireworks to be bigger and better than what you can buy yourself then you need us. We are certified handlers of all pyrotechnic products so we can create you a display that will blow people’s minds!

We offer a full design and choreography service with the best quality display fireworks. So if you want to make your wedding, birthday, product launch, sports event or any other event go off and be remembered by many hit us up or check out our range of packages to see which one suits you best.

Pyrotechnic Business Services

Want to get a better work story?
Want to sell fireworks?
We can help!

We can offer assistance with the complete process, from importation or product supply through to marketing and selling your product.
Get in touch with your needs and we can help.

Pyrotechnic Special Effects

Looking for realistic pyrotechnic effects?  We are experienced in a wide range of pyrotechnic and special effects.

Whether you’re staging a re-enactment, wanting a more explosive airsoft experience or in the film or entertainment  industry, we can offer you a solution.  Flames, explosions, bangs and booms, we’ve got you covered.

Pyrotechnic Training

Want to tell your mates that you are licensed to handle fireworks?

Our training will ensure that not only do you hold a certificate to say that you can, but that you have been trained to be a competent and safe handler of pyro.


Whether you want to surprise the kids with the best Guy Fawkes fireworks ever or to blow your mates minds with the biggest, loudest retail fireworks that you can legally buy in New Zealand, we’ve got the product for you.

Check out our range of firework assortments, there is something to suit everyone! Or purchase an assortment and top it up with some extra special individual fireworks.

If you want to look professional, purchase one of our Wireless Control Units. Re-usable with refills available, this unit allows you to connect up to 12 fireworks so you can set them off simultaneously, or create your own choreographed show.

Whatever you need, we’ve got the fireworks product for you. See our Contact Us page for a map of retail stores open from the 2nd of November through to the 5th of November.


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Please use your fireworks safely.  Always read instructions on the fireworks before using them.  Use a torch to read the instructions, never use a flame to see.  Always light fireworks in a wide open area away from anything that could catch fire. Always have an adult lighting the fireworks. Always keep a bucket of water or garden hose close by. Ensure that all pets and livestock are secured safely.  Do not try to relight dud fireworks.  Always keep your spare fireworks in  a secure container away from lighting area. For more information on how to be safe: https://www.fireandemergency.nz/recreational-and-cultural/fireworks/