Pyrotechnic Displays

Pyro Company offers a full design and choreography service as well as our cutting edge display packages. Whether you need a special effect or are organising a large public event, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver more than expected to our customers.

Our passion for creating new and exciting pyrotechnic elements for our customers is helping us to develop an entirely new perspective on the traditional fireworks performance.

We are happy to design a pyrotechnic display that will suit your individual requirements or you can choose from our specially designed packages below.

For private events and budgets under $9,000 we have designed the following shows to deliver the impact of a big public event to your private function.

Besides adding great entertainment for your guests a good fireworks display always attracts a big turnout and keeps guests at your event longer.


The Minuet $3,000+gst

As the name suggests, the Minuet is a beautifully personal fireworks display. At around 4 minutes long, it is a dazzling cost effective option.  A mix of commercial and close proximity fireworks choreographed to wow your audience.


The Duet $6,000+gst

A spectacular fireworks display of around  7 minutes duration fired from two separate sites.  The Duet fills the sky with colour and delivers an extra dimension of grandeur and scale.  A variety of larger commercial product is used together with 3 and 4 inch star shells to create a stunning show.


Sonata Package $8,000+gst

Providing great value and scale, the Sonata package lasts for around 9 minutes. Fired from multiple sites, using some of the largest fireworks available, this display really gets the audience’s attention.  A spectacular, choreographed, action packed fireworks display with a massive finale.


Extra Special Gigs

We know that not every event suits a traditional beauty and rhythm approach, so we’ve built some neat customised gigs to suit your needs.


21 Gun Salute

21 Gun Salute is one loud sonuva lady dog. You only come of age once and you need a noisy, thumping great racket to ensure all the guests know they were at a party. Guaranteed to set off the car alarms and add a headache to your hangover.


Pyrotechnic Picnic

This display is good for all sorts of reasons, from corporate entertainment to plain old fun; it’s even good for no reason at all!  You, your guests, friends and hangers-on actually get to do the show yourselves. It could be a full fireworks display or a casual, “lets see what this one does” day out.  This is a strictly supervised affair, but that won’t spoil any of the fun.

Rockets, Double Happies, Thunder Crackers and all manner of professional pyrotechnics in a safe hands-on setting. Your place or ours; no clowns or alcohol admitted.


Golden Anniversary

When someone has been married for this long, it’s time to recognise it. This display is nearly all gold, with some vibrant flashes of colour. It is a beautiful way to honor a remarkable partnership.


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Please use your fireworks safely.  Always read instructions on the fireworks before using them.  Use a torch to read the instructions, never use a flame to see.  Always light fireworks in a wide open area away from anything that could catch fire. Always have an adult lighting the fireworks. Always keep a bucket of water or garden hose close by. Ensure that all pets and livestock are secured safely.  Do not try to relight dud fireworks.  Always keep your spare fireworks in  a secure container away from lighting area. For more information on how to be safe: